About Us

Who are we?

Three Yemeni born sisters bringing authentic Yemeni family kitchen traditions and experiences to your households. Having grown up in Yemen, we believe in our duty to tell the story of Yemen through its wholesome, unique and delicious cuisine. Dayemeh is the term used in Sana’a for kitchen. Daymeh Kitchen showcases the various elements of a meaningful Yemeni cuisine experience to add value to your Daymeh.


What we do?

We bring the Yemeni cuisine experience to your Daymeh or kitchens. We sell kitchen accessories and foods starting with our first product -  a handmade kitchen cloth called a Guwarah.

Our Partners

Asylm works logo

As immigrant women, we believe in helping other immigrant communities especially women. We are proud to have partnered with Asylum Works, a nonprofit organization helping refugee communities in the U.S.

We are honored to have incredible refugee women from around the world in Washington, DC as part of our team who specially hand make the beautiful and unique Yemeni Guwarat.


To tell the story of Yemen through our lenses by extending the Yemeni experience to your kitchen.